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What You Need to Know About Systematic Inventive Thinking
Systematic Inventive Thinking refers to a thinking methodology where creativeness is fundamental. It involves five approaches that have been utilized by humans for a couple of years. Systematic Inventive Thinking eliminates the assumption that creativeness is for few talented. Thus, you can be creative if only you are ready to learn and master the skills you are interested in. It is important you understand that creativity is like any other ability that you can obtain be it in life or business. The same way you would perfect different abilities through drilling, the better you will become if you give the same attention to creativity.
Individuals with lots of concepts are presumed as creative. When you refer to innovativeness, the uniqueness of the concept is key. Remember, a multiplicity of thoughts does not result into more unique ideas. As a result, a new tactic to systematic thinking was invented. It is through these five methods that most of the new, creative and successful outcomes have originated from. These are the basics of systematic inventive thinking.
For your info. everything that is invented goes through a removal process. In most cases, this something was considered as vital. This pattern is what is referred to as subtraction. For example, when Apple decided to create iTouch they had to take away the calling feature that was previously installed in their popular iPhone and that lead to the success of their innovation.
Most invented products and services have thrived through the component of division. This mostly applies to when creating ideas to replace those that seemed unproductive or impracticable. The same strategy will be ideal amongst manufacturers who are producing several products.
An alternative approach of systematic inventive thinking is the multiplication. Here the invention is done by cloying a concept, but you have it somehow changed. Hence, you will retain what is odd but work to amplify the elements to improve its worthiness. A practical example is that of children bicycles that come with the two main wheels but have smaller attached ones to help the young kids maintain balance as they learn how to cycle.
There are certain errands that can be unified under the similar part. This is what is known as task amalgamation. For example, the idea of incorporating sunscreen protection element in facial moisturizers. It is a method that works well in systematic inventive thinking.
Finally you have the attribute dependency. Some innovations never link, but through creativeness, these attributes correlate successfully, you can term this as attribute dependency method of systematic thinking. It is a pattern that has been adopted in cars.

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